What is Cashback And How To Save Money On Your Orders

Today I’m going to talk about a technique that will save you money on all your next orders : Benefit of Cashback. So this is not a new practice. But I did not see many people talking about it on YouTube or blogs… So I thought it might be relevant to share this technique with you.

So what is cashback and How To Save Money On Your Orders ?

Cashback is not a scam. it’s a concept that has existed for years. The principle is very simple: It is in fact the refund of some of your purchases on the internet.

The cashback is not exclusively reserved for Aliexpress. It also works with a multitude of sites such as Amazon, Ebay, Banggood, Gearbest, Asos, Darty and many others …

What is the commission rate ?

With this cashback technique it will allow you to quickly and easily earn between 1 and 8.5% cashback on each order. The commission rate varies depending on the type of product you buy, there are even deals with over 90% cashback ! A real deal if you often buy on the internet or if you sell products in dropshipping. so with this technique you will be able to increase your margin on each of your orders.

You will receive the money a few days after the confirmation of receiving your orders on the website or on the application.

benefit of cashback on online orders
Epn commission rate | Thexpert.me

How to benefit of cashback and Save Money On Your Orders?

To benefit of cashback and Save Money on your orders, it is very simple :

you just have to register on a site of cashback, there are many, personally I prefer to use Epn because it is the one that works best for me and especially it is the simplest to use, but there are two others also very famous: Ebates and Igraal.

Know that if you go through this link Ebates offers you $10 from your first order, and also if you go through this link Igraal offers you $3.

So once registered, you have tow options to benefit of cashback :

If you use your the desktop browsers you have to install the extension to your internet browser. And you have to disable adblock while shopping, otherwise it does not work.

You Go to Aliexpress, you click on the extension you will have a message of the type “Your cashback is active”. You make your purchase as usual. A few minutes later you will have to see your transaction (in hold) appear on your cashback account. It’s that simple !

benefit of cashback on online orders
Epn In hold | Thexpert.me

if you like use your smartphone. You have to install Epn Application and look for your favorite store like AliExpress, and open the store from the Epn App, then you make you shopping.

Attention :

The cashback sites are very powerful to make you pass in front of your competitors in terms of price. To make you more profit, etc … You must not abuse it. However, if I present many different cashback sites it is not without reasons. By using only one of its sites for all your orders you risk to be blacklisted directly.

Security Issues :

Please before surfing in the internet and enjoying shopping. Make sure that you Browser is clean from viruses and Adware and your Computer secured from Hackers.

because you will be able to put credit card number while checking out you orders.

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Links :


Ebates ($10 signup bonus)

Try IGRAAL ($3 offered)

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